Saturday, November 10th Jmaie’s 15 minute Brik

Tonight was a different kind of meal because Diane prepared two dishes from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals. The meal was based around an old Tunisian recipe for Brik which is filo pastry wrapped around some filling.  Diane has been making these for years from a recipe in an old Time/Life cookbook series that I bought in Discovery, a used book store next to the iconic City Lights bookstore that is still operated by the poet Ferlingetti.

I am afraid that the updated version was not as good to both of us as the original. The filling was chopped spring onions, salted lemon peel, Harissa (a Moroccan spice mixture), chopped coriander and tinned crab meat.

Jamie’s salad was: grated fennel, chopped mint, toasted caraway and lemon juice. This was heaped on couscous.

The beverage of choice tonight was two bottles of Mexican Dos Equis

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