Wednesday, November 14th.

Diane, again, prepared a delicious meal for us and I continually feel bad because I do not think I am doing my part; however, the problem is that she cooks far better than I do so my taste buds always win out over my desire to share the cooking chores.

The beginning of this Thursday meal was superb: the Barkeep made a stiff Jim Beam Rye Old Fashioned for me (Diane does not like the taste of rye so much so she drinks bourbon) and a Maker’s Mark Manhattan for herself.  This liquor was with a bowl of of her own recipe Panzanella which, as I said before, was more successful than Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meal recipe that I used.

Albeit tonight’s meal was not a terrible drag on her time because she opened a package of smoked trout and we each had a half.  That was accompanied by some good purchased French tartre sauce (Mielle I believe) and the main course was complete

All of this was accompanied by the always present green salad with avocado cubes and tomato pieces.

For beverage, we enjoyed a young Hunt South Australian Chardonnay.

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