FOOD DIARY: Thursday, November 15th.

We had some friends over tonight and, because our weather was so mild, we ate in the back and Diane made a delicious boned lamb leg which she sliced into long individual serves.  Spring lamb in Australia is a treat and something to anticipate throughout the year and tonight’s selection certainly proved that judgement

We have a little Weber Q that means of course that I do not need to make a fire-BBQ so the entire process is speeded up significantly; the hood seems to cook meat especially moist and tonight’s meal was no exception.

She began the meal with two serves of bruscetta; these were made with chopped tomatoes and garlic bathed in olive oil on Turkish bread serves cut in half horizontally; Turkish bread is soft with wide portions and to my mind makes a perfect surface for the topping the portions are toasted slightly on the grill before being served).

There were also two salads to go with the lamb: a corn and tomato pieces salad as well as the potato salad from several days ago; potato salad is a great accompaniment because it will last days without deteriorating, not like lettuce which will wilt overnight.

As a beverage, our guests brought a lovely Margaret River Chardonnay which was perfect with the meal.

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