FOOD DIARY: Friday, November 16th.

Friday night is Party Night but it was different in this case; Diane and I railed into Perth and had a spontaneous restaurant meal in Niorthbridge

Our intention was to visit the Perth Markets on their  first night of  opening for the new season but it seemed not at full steam and the crowds on Murray Street were very dense and no place for a wheelie so Di suggested (strongly) that we go into Nortthbridge and eat at an old haunt of ours on upper James Street: Oliver’s Restaurant.

They have good footpath seating and given our beautiful evenings during these last days footpath eating was a delight.  We started by sharing a serve of arancini which were delicious and not heavy as so many are.  We split the mains: Diane ordered a serve of gnocchi and I ordered a wood-fired pizza Margarita; if the kitchen can make a good pizza this simple then they can make any others and it was a beaut!  Diane’s gnocchi were soft and pillowy as they are supposed to be but seldom are.  As you have guessed we shared the mains equally.

Sweets were single serves of citron tart with a scoop of ice cream and finished the meal perfectly-not too much, not too little (one serve between us)..

We shared a bottle of Australian Chardonnay; I can’t get any more precise than that.


2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Friday, November 16th.

  1. firenzebella says:

    Hi Tim,
    I like your new blog! Of course, I had to Google the word “tucker,” being a Yank unfamiliar with Aussie slang!

    • timstucker says:

      Hi Anne
      Thank you for your comment. I decided some days ago that I wanted to describe more things regarding the meals so a blog was probably the way to go.
      I had been writing kind of a online diary on facebook for about two years but I was not sure if facebook would allow me to use much more space than I was so the bigger format seemed best.
      Yes, tucker is an old Aussie slang term meaning food; in the Waltzing Matilda song (which by the way refers to carrying his swag or blanket), the guy carries his tucker bag so the word goes back a long way. I do not know if the Brits use the word or if it is strictly an Aussie usage. Diane, my wife, came up with it and I think that it is great because as you probably know finding unused names in blogland is a tricky business.
      Again thanks for your comment,

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