FOOD DIARY: Sunday, November 18th

As always happens with large meals such as paella we have the leftovers the next day and with paella the leftovers are as good or better than the original.

Diane reheated the paella and made a small green salad and the meal was complete.  That and two glasses of Three Corners Enterprise Chardonnay from NSW completed an excellent meal..

The wine was marked reduced to $3.59 but it did not taste like a wine that inexpensive.  I am far away from being a connoisseur but the wine was definitely playing above its weight.  There is much wine country in Australia and producers complain that wine is cheaper than water and that something should be done about the low prices.  The conservatives also say the same thing and feel that cheap wine contributes to drunkeness so wines should be taxed higher; it is  an interesting corrundum.

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