FOOD DIARY: Monday, November 19th.

This will be a short one because I am on a minimal vegie juice intake for a few days.

However, before the movie that we watched today we shared a Kurdish  Chicken Gozleme which is very popular, along with Kebabs, here in Australia.  They split Kurdish bread down the middle before it is baked, put lamb, chicken or vegie pieces on it and replace the other half of the unbaked bread and fry it until it is browned on both sides, cot into six pieces and serve the customer.  In my opinion one of the great delights of world food and should be tried if you can. 

I n regards to my eating it seems strange to be having a FOOD DIARY when you are just having vegie juice but it is an effective way to keep unnecessary weight off.  I use carrots and celery and any other vegie that gives juice plus a knob of ginger for flavour. 

Diane has her own method and it works for her so she does not try my juices, they are left to me

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