FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, November 21st.

ImageAfter railing into Perth this evening we went up James St. in Northbridge to our old favourite, the Saigon Cafe & noodle Restaurant and enjoyed an excellent Vietnamese meal before this evening’s play.

We began the meal with entrée of Fried Wontons (6) and a serve of Prawn Toast (2 halves).  Their prawn toast is enough to ensure my return at any time.

Diane again ordered a dish that both of us have enjoyed and that is a specialty of the house, Vietnamese pancake.  It is a misleading term because about the only thing that makes it a pancake in its flatness which is caused by the mixture of egg, bean sprouts and prawns and chicken, sort of omelet affair.  Pieces of this omelet are torn away and mint leaves and sauce are added before it is wrapped in a lettuce leaf.  The omelet/pancake is plate size and you are given virtually a half head of lettuce so the dish is generous and very good.  The lettuce is extremely fresh; nothing like the tired heads that we buy in our markets.

For my part I ordered (I am trying to make my way through the menu) a dish I had not tried before Saigon Chicken Rice and for $9 dollars it was a great dish which I will order again.  The dish came as a leg and a thigh in a delicious sauce with a generous serve of plain rice.  The thigh had been cut into three portions.

We had a bottle of McWilliams Chardonnay and proceeded to the theatre.

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