FOOD DIARY: Thursday, November 22nd.

The warm days and evenings called out for a BBQ and we were quick to answer its call.

Again, Diane made the wonderful meal over and above considerable marital discussion about the ever present topic of fire/heat.  Is it too cool to properly sear the meat?  if it is too hot then the carcoal will burn out too quickly and lose enough heat to properly cook the last course, the meat course.  How much charcoal to use?  I am very stingy about the amount because I do not want to waste too much therefore that leads into many of the above questions.  We always seem to be looking for a new BBQ but that raises new problems: how far away from the heat is the grill holding the cooking food?

The variables are many and the answers require considerable time to sort out; hence the difficulties becuse each one of us has a closely held opinion.

Tonight I set the fire and it worked well for the first two courses but she thought that the heat had died by the third or meat course.  Her first course was Cyprian Halumi cheese cheese dusted with flour and roasted then placed on Hoskin’s Flat Bread and drizzled with lemon juice.

The second, trataditionally the vegetabhle course, was halved capsicums (sweet peppers) filled with slivered sauted fenel, garlic and onions and grumbled feta.  That was roasted on the BBQ with the hood down and drizzled with olive oil.

The third course was lamb chops that had been marinated all afternoon and herein came the question: was the fire still hot enough after the two previous courses?  Diane thought they should have had a crispper surface but I thought they were succulent and the best lamb chops I have ever eaten.  

So the question of fire intensity continues: I have changed from quick, close to the fire to higher and slow cooked.  Obviously there are many evenings remaining this summer before an adequate decision can be made; the determination awaits me. 


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