FOOD DIARY: Friday, November 23rd.

Tonight was a mirror image of last night although a little cooler because the southerly winds were blowing a little and the southerlies come off the Southern Ocean and therefore cold..  We had decided to have a double BBQ, last night and tonight, so the only point of discussion was what to do with the lamb.  Diane had bought chops which provided the beauteous meal last night and she decided, after I welched on the decision to cook tonight, to turn the chopped lamb from the store into mince and making a special meal with it.

To begin the meal, Diane (because Friday night is Party Night) made herself a Maker’s Mark Manhattan and I a Jim Beam Rye Old Fashioned; her meal just got bettert after these openers.  They were served with small toasts covered with a spread of her olive Topanade.

Our first course is with cheese: in this case the remainder of last night’s Halummi on toasted Turkish bread.  Both the Halummi and the bread had been toasted on the BBQ with sprigs of fresh herbs of various kinds tossed on the hot coals thus flavouring whatever is cooking over those herbs: very effective,very inexpensive.

The second course was the vegetable course; in this case thinly sliced new egg plant (corgette).  Diane braised them over flavoured coals and served the slices, about four a piece, drizzled with olive oil on a bed of chopped lettuce.

The third course, the meat course, was an old faithful Ainsley Harriott recipe from his Ultimate Barbecue Bible cookbook called Spiced Matzatlan Meatballs  with minced lamb.  We have cooked it many times and it remains a firm favourite.  Just be careful of the cooking time; lamb in this form tends to be dry to my taste and try always to serve them withj generous dollops of Greek (unflavoured and hence tart) yoghurt.  Diane braised some salad onions and served them with the meatballs.

Our wine of choice was a delicious Caldora Montepulciano D’Abbuzzo.

She made some chocolate ice cream to finish this brilliant meal.

I added more BBQ charcoal to the fire and everything worked well.  Don’t be an environmentalist at BBQ time because it will rebound on you when you see the charcoal needed, but …

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Friday, November 23rd.

  1. Lamb for Thanksgiving, what a good idea. I had a poet/teacher that was going to write a cookbook about eggplant. Hope she continues with it. I love eggplant. Ice cream….want. Stella

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