FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, November 27th.

Yesterday was another quiet meal time around Casa Johnson.  Diane always makes a little hor-d’oeuvre for us to begin the meal but alas I have never done so, except tonight.  On many restaurant menus, both expensive and non-so, they offer as an inexpensive beginning to your meal a small plate of fried salami which I have always enjoyed (for price and taste).  Last night I tried making my own with some Spanish chorizo which I fried in a little olive oil with some pimientoed green olives halved.  The two together were a repeatable meal beginner.

For a main I slightly improved our favourite German pizza, Dr. Oedecer’s, with a little extra cheese and a dash of olive oil.  It is a mystery of the universe why some company in Germany can make and ship half-way around the world a better store bought pizza base than companies here in Australia; we have tried them all and the good doctor’s is our favourite.  The pizza and a robust green salad completed a very easy yet excellent meal.

Today for lunch I made something that I have wanted to make but  have waited for years but today I tried making corn cakes.  ImageI found about seven recipes in our various cook books but I settled on one off the internet and to make it even odder, it is an Australian recipe.  Corn cakes have an extremely long history in the States because of their huge corn production and, admittedly, the recipes are all roughly the same but this one wanted an avocado and tomato salsa with which to be severe.  I had to make some adjustments because I did not have the exact ingredients: chives for green onions (the onions would have been better), a few Tbs. of finely chopped onion (I did not use enough), frozen corn rather than fresh corn cut from the cob (much easier), a few rings of finely minced jalopeno (use more) and I had no coriander (it probably would have been good).  I did not realize that the corn cakes would  spread out so much in the skillet so next time I will spoon the mixture into large buttered egg rings and see if they can come out of the skillet a little ticker.

I served this as a lunch today with the salsa.  I also added spoons of Greek yogurt as a sauce.  Ainsley Harriott uses Greek yogurt to accompany his Mazatlan meatballs and other dishes that he cooks and it is a brilliant and easy sauce to add a little wetness to the corn cakes.

The cakes and salsa where washed down with a shared bottle of Dos Equis.

I have trouble cooking because my collection of recipes are too caloric for two people in their Sixties so when Diane says that she enjoyed my lunch, both because of taste and calories/kilojoules, I thought that was a victory.  She thinks that for five cakes: 1/2 cup of flour, one egg, no butter of other shortening and the only bad stuff was the safflower oil for frying, the meal hit on both accounts; a win for the good guys!


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