FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, November 28th.

Diane helped me out tonight by preparing a delicious pantry meal after my lunch preparations.

We both decided to begin the Silly Season a little early and she made us a Jim Beam Rye Manhattan that always puts a smile on the face of those lucky enough to enjoy one (if you haven’t tried Rye as opposed to Bourbon, I find it earthier and less “handled”-if that makes any sense).   As a nibble (actually a little more than a nibble) she made her signature Bruscetta with soft Turkish bread covered with chopped tomato.  Locally when you order this now common beginning to your meal restaurants, in order to justify their high prices, will cover the bread with chopped tomatoes so high that eating this beast becomes a formidable task; I simply will skip it for that reason.  Diane makes hers with chopped tomatoes (not too large a dice), mashed garlic and olive oil; it sounds simple but hers are the best I have ever tasted.

For a main, Diane made a wonderful pasta dish, orecchiette with peas and a little chopped prosciutto for flavour.  The ever present green salad was this dishe’s accompaniment.



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