FOOD DIARY: Thursday, November 29th

ImageTo begin our meal and continuing in the holiday spirit Diane made us a delectible Sidecar with some little toasts spread with her olive tapenade.   As a main she made one of her many delicious pasta meals for our enjoyment last night: linguine with salmon and prawns.  She did not vary the dish greatly except that she used less cream and added her fish stock to maintain the amount of liquid.  She also used a Tasmanian salmon product whereby the pieces leftover from the packaging of thinly sliced salmon are sold and these extra thick, as opposed to the very thin normal slices available, make for wonderful smokey flavour. 

Pasta is the original fast food and its variations are immense.  We have been eating pasta regularly since ’71 in Italy and we seem to maintain our weight; exercise in a wheelchair is not an option and Di’s exercise is no more than her normal involved, busy life.  Italians are not fat people and they eat pasta (carbs) far more frequently than we do so the weight must come from somewhere else.  Alcohol is also caloric but we have had wine with every meal since ’71 also.

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