FOOD DIARY: Friday, November 30th.

Last night I made one of our tastiest meals that both of us have been preparing for at least 30 years: Garides me Saltsa or shrimp in tomato, wine and feta cheese sauce. 

Allow me to ramble because this story goes back to the late Sixties in San Francisco’s North Beach area; specifically to the now moved Discovery Bookshop which was next door to Ferlingetti’s iconic City Light’s Bookstore.    Anyway, as often happened, I would drive done there and search for cheap used books and I bought about 5 volumes of the old Time-Life international cooking series.  This was early-on in cookbook publishing history and the one containing this Garides recipe was the Middle Eastern Cooking and exactly why Greece is considered Middle Eastern is known only to the author Harry Nickles but the combination of tomatoes, feta cheese, oregano, wine and shrimp with rice is an unbeatable combination. 

I just made a simple salad with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes cut into eighths, avocado pieces,  olives and that salad acted as a perfect cleanser to the garides.

Our wine was again what we in Australia call a “clean skin” because the wine variety is just bottled with no further information except variety and in last night’s case it was a chardonnay; very good at less than four dollars per bottle.

Garides me Saltsa is one of the great dishes of the world and I anticipate enjoying it many times before I am finished.    

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