FOOD DIARY: Saturday, December 2nd

Last night was another cracker of an evening, of a meal and company.  Diane prepared an authentic Tuscan Christmas dinner for our enjoyment plus four other old friends.

Di started with assorted crostini: pesto, tomato and olive tapenade.  This course was accompanied an excellent bottle of La Tenuta Ca’Bolani Prosecco.

The Primo Piatto was Tortellini al burro e salvia (tortellini with butter and sage) which is a particular dish that the Tuscan’s save especially for Christmas.  The tortellini was  just store-bought but fortunately here in Australia the producer delivers a very high quality product so we do not need to go to the considerable trouble of making our own (which Diane knows how to do and has done so in Italy).  We used a hand-full of sage because with this number of people it is good to be generous with the sage because it provides the flavouring (as does the cheese in the following dish).

The main or Secondo piatto was very special: Filetto di Tacchino con proscitto e formaggio (medallions of turkey breast flattened slightly and topped with one piece of proscuitto and a slice of peccorino).  The cheese should be skunky because as you would have noticed there is no further flavouring to the dish so the cheese should provide it all. As the  accompaniment, Diane just added cool, boiled vegetables, simple but an effective side dish.

To follow this main Diane made another particularly Tuscan dish: Panzanella or bread salad which has many variations but the one she used was toasted small bread cubes with cubed tomato pieces flavoured by a little crushed garlic and fried in olive oil.

As a beverage, she served: Vernaccia Bianco di San Gimignano and for a red, Carpineto Chianti Classico DOCG 

As a dessert, Joelle made an extremely good cherry cake that was matched to a Liquori Amaretto.


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