FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, December 4th.

Last evening was a leftovers meal using everything that remained from Di’s Tuscan Christmas dinner of two evenings previous.  Sandwiched between was a juice day for me to nullify my over indulgence at that Tuscan dinner.  I did not include my day’s juice and Di’s similar food because it just seemed much about nothing.

The juice diet is my attempt to cut the caloric intake from a previous meal such as the one earlier described.  Diane does not use my juice diet; she does not think that it would work for her and she would rather depend on simply loading up on vegetables and cutting out anything caloric.  There is as a general rule no processed food in the house: cookies, candies, chips, anything that can be nibbled.  When we get the urge on rare occasions, there is a jar of low-cal peanut paste that can be spread on ryveeta crackers.

As to the vegetables for the juicer, I just buy a package of celery and one of carrots; that combination seems the simplest and tastiest.  Virtually any vegetable can be juiced so whatever is in the frig can be used.  A piece of ginger will add ample flavour and for more juice just juice some tomatoes. 

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