FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, December 5th Corncakes

Last night I repeated the corn cake recipe from last week and added the ingredients that I had to leave out the first time because I had not planned well and had not been to the store.  My substitution of garden chives and finely diced onion for green onions seemed, as of last night anyway, to have the desired effect; there was no change in taste as far as Diane and I could detect and missing the chopped coriander seemed to have no effect either. 

In terms of the actual cooking, I made a mistake that any primary kid would avoid and that was anticipating the heat of the oil and the skillet before adding the corn mixture; by not having the skillet hot enough the mixture spread out too far in the pan before the pan’s heat contracted the mixture, hence it spread out too much.

I tried a new technique last evening and that was using round cooking rings to hold the mixture togetheras I porned it into the skillet.  It is a standard technique used to cook fried eggs and it appeared to work well with the corn cakes.  You must always’ for whatever you are cooking, grease/butter the inside of the rings in order to prevent whatever the mixture from sticking to the rings.  This allows  the rings to be lifted from the mixture a few minutes after the cooking starts. 

The original recipe calls for the corn kernels to be cut from the cob but I have used frozen corn these last two times and they taste excellently; I will try the fresh kernels and I am sure that they will taste better but it is just a matter of how much effort you want to take in the dishes preparation.

I have used Safflower oil for the frying because it seems to have minimum taste so it does not interfere withe the original taste of the corn cakes.


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