FOOD DIARY: Thursday, December 6th Colleen’s Garden Breakfast and pasta at home

I try to share meal preparation with Diane which in practical terms means that we alternate evening meal prep; the brekky’s and lunches are kind of make-do affairs and they usually sort themselves out pretty evenly without our need to work out a firm pattern.  Tonight was my turn but I made a very, very simple meal because of today’s earlier activities.

At about 9:30 AM we went over to Colleen’s home because she graciously fixed breakfast for us outside in her over-grown succulent garden.  As befitting the setting Colleen fixed a huevos rancheros meal for us that was as good as it was unusual here on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

That, as you can imagine, was a filling meal and only ended around 1Pm so we both agreed that my meal should be a light pasta meal in the evening.  I made one of my all-time favourite meals of spaghettini with oil and garlic.  Diane finishes off the pasta meals because both of us think that I should not be around pots of boiling water in a wheelchair.  The pasta , because it is thin, cooks quickly while she sautes my chopped garlic in olive oil to which she adds a little pasta water. 

Diane uses about 150 grams of pasta for the two of us and I chop about 3 large cloves of garlic.  We never measure the olive oil in which the garlic is sauteed but it would cover the skillet lightly.

When the pasta is done it is drained and placed in the skillet with the garlic and oil in which it was sauteed.  An added salad completes a wonderful light meal.

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