FOOD DIARY: Saturday, December 8th More French Cusine

My food choices seem to be too caloric for both of us and Di’s food choices seem to have us lose a little weight day by day.  Therefore old American recipe selections are on hold for at least the time being which leads us to last evening’s second delicious French meal.

Her First Course was the very good Roasted Carrot and Fennel Soup from the previous night.  Diane just thinned it out with a little Croatian vegetable stock and, once again, it was delicious!

The Second Course was the real beaut: a Seafood Nage with John Dory, Scallops and Prawns.  Diane learned this recipe from a French woman who ran a cooking school in Paris some years ago; it is an excellent recipe and could easily become a staple dinner item except that seafood has become a little expensive here as it has everywhere.  Di cooks the fish quickly and then serves it on a bed of sauteed leek and carrot in a light cream sauce.  The dish has very laid back flavours distinct from the strong ones of the southern Provincial or Langedoch-Roussillon regions of Mediterranean France.

Diane’s Third Course was a warm Lentil Salas with a light Mustard Sauce.

Our Fourth course was a small slice of Jindi Reserve Washed Rind Soft Cheese with grapes and walnuts.

This beautiful meal was accompanied by a bottle of 3 Corners Enterprise ’09 Chardonnay from New South Wales  which was an excellent accompaniment to our Parisian dinner! 

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