FOOD DIARY: Monday, December 10th. Swordfish BBQ

Last evening, because the weather was so warm here in Perth, we decided to look in the fridge and see what we could make for dinner without going across the street to the shops and buying something specifically for dinner.  As luck would have it we found two swordfish steaks so I looked in Ainsley’s Ultimate BBQ book and found his recipe for his version of an Indian take on these beautiful fish steaks.

At this point I want to make two considerations about this recipe: swordfish is on the Endangered Liist of fish that you should not be eaten and the second is the value of eating frozen fish.  Regarding the first, Diane and I try to avoid buying these endangered fish but sometimes we just can’t resist so this instance will probably be the last time that we serve it this summer or for that matter the rest of ’13.  With regard to the merits or otherwise of freezing fish, we are fortunate in having an outlet for a company that specializes in flash-freezing and we have found, to our taste, nor discernible difference between fresh-caught and flash-frozen.

As a First Course we had Turkish bread that had been “painted” with olive oil and then toasted on the Weber.  At the table we spread the bread with a Goan (Indian) Pickle and found it superb as a light starter.

I do not know why these Indian “spreads” are called pickle; they have no relationship with the chopped variety that is served on ballpark hot-dogs but they are so delicious as condiments that they deserve wider acceptance among Europeans.  These Indian pickles come in many varieties and this Goan one is made from Eggplant & Capsicum here in E. Vic Park and it is very good and with only 30 calories per serve it can be used liberally.  This Goan Pickle is not fiery hot so it can easily be enjoyed frequently.

Our Second Course (the vegetable course) was grilled slices of eggplant again served with Goan Pickle.

The Main Course was the beautiful swordfish from Ainsley’s recipe.  I marinated it in the three Cs: curry powder, ground cumin and cayenne pepper with 1/2 finely chopped onion, one chopped red pepper, zest and juice of 1/2 lemon.  I followed the recipe and marinated for one hour but it could easily take longer.  But having said that, I am unsure because of the extreme lightness of swordfish flesh.  In terms of the BBQ Diane and I have decided that for a 7 or 8 mil steak, 2 minutes a side is more than enough.

This delicious meal was accompanied by a South Australian Hunt Chardonnay and it tasted delicious.

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