FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, December 11th Kurdish Food Hall

Because Diane and I went on an impromptu film outing yesterday afternoon, not only did we have lunch at the Southland’s Food Hall, we also stayed for dinner so no food was prepared at Casa Johnson yesterday.

Our lunch was a low-cal and very good salad and Sushi at the Japanese outlet.  We have eaten lunch there many times before and it is always excellent.

After the movie we ate at the Kurdish place just next to it and enjoyed some items that were a little more substantial.  We shared two dishes: one a Samsun Pide which is a oblong thin Kurdish bread whose top has been separated somewhat and then filled with various toppings/fillings and it this case it was lamb pieces, herbs and cheese.  The bread is baked and then sliced into individual portions.  As I say Pide’s come in many varieties with slight variations from one shop to another but I have found them to always be good.

Our second shared item was one of my favourites: Gozleme.  They are plate-sized rounds of thin Kurdish bread; one of the rounds topped, as with pides, with various toppings. Ours was: mushrooms, feta cheese and spinach.   They differ  from pides in that the toppings are covered with another layer of equally thin uncooked dough and  then the uncooked gozleme is fried rather than baked and again cut into individual pieces for serving.  If you ever see them on a Kurdish/Turkish menu by all means order them and I do not think that you will be disappointed. 

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