Wednesday, December 12th What to do with Pork Mince

Diane cooked last night and she used ingredients that were in the fridge and came up with a new Internet recipe using some pork mince that I had bought for another dish soon to be tried.

To begin the meal Di made up an always anticipated Tahini dip which she served with some flat Lavosh bread that she had gently toasted. 

The main course was the new recipe that we had not tried and that was a Spanish meatball recipe using the pork mince from the fridge.  Diane said that her only change from the original recipe in the future would be the use of uncooked chorizo sausage rather than the cooked variety that we had in the fridge.  The uncooked meat could be incorporated into the pork mince better than the dried sausage to then form the meatballs.  The recipe called for a standard set of ingredients: onion, egg, garlic, parsley and because it is a Spanish dish, smoked paprika. 

Diane served these meatballs with some leftover Greek yogurt and some of the tahini remaining from the first course.

The general Spanish theme of the meal  indicated the wine variety which was an inexpensive but delicious Tempranillo,  The meal sounds delicious and it certainly was. 

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