FOOD DIARY: Thursday, December 13th Italian Pasta Meal

Diane is on a cooking blitz and I am the grateful recipient; tonight’s meal was certainly no exception.

Di started with some toasted Italian bread that she had spread with her own tapenade; she had jars of it tucked away for future use–like tonight.

Her Second Course was a delight and this is coming from a 65 year old guy who has yet to make his peace with vegetables.  Di sauteed broccoli  and added anchovy, pine nuts and garlic and it is a beaut of a recipe; I cannot praise it high enough.  Its origins are buried deep in history as well as deep in Sicily.

For Diane’s Third Course she used an uncommon pasta called Casarecce which is of southern Italian/Sicilian origin.  She added grilled vegetables: eggplant and capsicum in thin strips,  onion and diced Italian canned tomatoes with their juice.  She flavoured the sauce with chopped basil and marjoram.

In keeping with this superb Italian meal she opened a bottle of inexpensive yet delightful Zonin Merlot from the Veneto; a brilliant meal from a brilliant cook.   

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