FOOD DIARY: Saturday, December 15th Another Tuscan Christmas Meal

Diane made the same meal that she made for our friends on December 1st; this time was a different set of friends.  Our weather contributed to last night because it was a  clear and windless evening that served as a perfect tableau upon which Di’s exceptional Tuscan Christmas meal was set for our pleasure.

The Antipasto was assorted Crostini made up of roasted capsicum and her olive spread.

The Primo Piatto was Tortellini al burro e salvia (tortellini with butter and sage).  As with much Italian cuisine the simplicity accounts for its deliciousness if the ingredients are first rate,  Di bought, yes purchased tortellini, and the counter assistant told her that the Australian mass produced variety was better than the store’s variety and we can, as well as our guests, attest to the truthfulness of her conclusion.  The sage was picked from our herb garden.

The Secondo Piatto or main course was a very traditional Tuscan Christmas dish: Filetto di Tacchino con proscuitto e foraggio (Turkey breast sliced into medallions and covered with Italian ham and cheese).   

The contorni or side dishes were: Panzananella (bread salad), cold vegetables flavoured with capers and crushed garlic.  The vegetables were thinly sliced carrots with broccoli and cauliflower in small florets.

The dessert course was a beaut: Di had made a delicious ice cream the night before and this was served with a slice of panatone.  Because Diane is also an accomplished barista we enjoyed about four different coffees followed by a nip of Strega.    

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