FOOD DIARY: Monday, December 17th Polish Eats and a BBQ

We had a special lunch today after again driving to Coventry Square Shopping Centre in Morly.  The centre is so large that they give the aisles street names because there are so many of them.  Anyway, there is a little cafe called the European Cafe witch serves, predominately, Eastern European food which is unusual in Mediterranean Perth on the Indian Ocean.   Diane ordered a serve of two golumpki covered in a light tomato sauce.  There are variations throughout eastern Europe but Diane knows them because her dear mother is Polish-American and she made them at Christmas as a specialty for the family.  Both Diane and I thought that they were very good and tasted very similar to her mother’s.

I ordered a serve of six (normal serve) pierogi, also having variations throughout Eastern Europe,  which are filled dumplings and In this case I asked for them fried.  I was first introduced to them many years ago at the Latvian Club here in Perth by my old teaching friend John Rieka who is Latvian and enjoys making and eating these lovelies at home because his bread maker does the dough so well.  Today mine were filled with sauerkraut and chopped mushrooms but they had ones filled with cheese or meat.   If you ask they will serve the pierogi with a generous amount of sour cream. 

For dessert Di had a slice of delicious (I tried a bit) cheesecake which was not what you normally are served and I had a slice of poppy seed cake that I also enjoyed.   I anticipate returning soon because the food is so good and so different;  they had other Eastern European dishes available and we will certainly try therm.

Tonight I tried a new Ainsley recipe from his Ultimate Outdoor Bible that he called it Giorgio’s Kleftiko Parcels: a fancy name for cubed lamb in tin foil.

It begins the day before when he calls for the cubed lamb to be marinated in olive oil, coarsely chopped oregano, thyme and crushed garlic.  This mixture is left overnight and when ready to cook has diced tomato added as well as a slice of strong cheese placed on top after the lamb has been placed in the cupped tin foil parcels.  In the future, yes I will make this recipe again, I would add a thicker slice of cheese because I found it just disappeared as the mixture cooked.

As a first course we had the habitual Turkish bread with a slice of grilled halumi that had been dusted in flour and smoky paprika; it is easily our favourite beginning to a BBQ.

The vegetable course was served with the lamb parcels tonight because Di fried up some randomly cut potatoes and fried them after a dusting with paprika; they were a marvelous accompaniment.  

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