FOOD DIARY: Friday, December 21st Spaghettini

As usually happens around the Johnson place, after some of Diane’s amazing meals and also going out for dinner, when it is my turn to cook, as it was last night, the meal tends to be of the simple affair.

Last night I made my terribly simple, yet delicious and always anticipated, spaghettini with chopped garlic and olive oil (always Extra Virgine).  I like a strong garlic flavour so I used four large cloves.  We have also found that the local red skinned garlic is much more flavourful than the white skinned imported kind from China.  To me the success of the dish is the strength of the garlic flavour so we always try to buy the locally produced garlic variety.  Chopping, as opposed to crushing, is always contentious and I tend to opt for crushing but I just forgot last night.  The chefs prefer chopping and they do not like garlic crushers but Jamie Oliver seems not to be troubled by the argument; so it is a matter of time and preference.

Our salad was the traditional Leeming variety with a bowl of packaged lettuce; I prefer bagged lettuce because of its ease of preparation.  The lettuce has some halved cherry tomatoes and some halved filled-olives followed by a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic.

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