FOOD DIARY: Saturday, December 22nd Salvadorian and Mexican Day

href=””>ImageDiane and I went to Fremantle yesterday and while purchasing some needed dinner items we also had a delicious street food lunch at King Square in central Fremantle.   There are a number of weekend food stalls there and our favourite is the San Salvadorian one that we have been visiting since the markets opened years ago.  Obviously as a food stall the menu is not large however the items they have are excellent.

As a lunch I ordered two items: pupusas & tamal.  Pupusas must be tried; the price is inexpensive, they are filling and different.  Basically they are two rounds of masa four rounds with mashed, flavoured beans between.  The tamale consists of chicken pieces (deboned) surrounded by masa and wrapped in foil and steamed.  They arrive with a salad of shredded cabbage and carrots; add a drink and you have street food at its best.


After this marvellous lunch of Fremantle Fair Salvadorian food, Diane went to Kakulas’ Sister and purchased some ingredients for another Latin meal that evening. This time it was a Mexican meal and it was as good as it was rare around the Johnson’s. Diane made for our enjoyment: nachos, fish tacos and black bean salad.
To begin this Mexican extravaganza Diane made us a double Margarita (the tequila might have gone off), followed by a Dos Equis beer with the fish tacos. Then she brought this large pan of her nachos, covered with local strong cheddar and lightly sprinkled with her own dip. This dip was brilliant and she had never made it because we had never had chipotle chillies before tonight; she had purchased them at Kakukas Sister yesterday. The chilli is mildly hot but more importantly has a smoky flavour which easily passes into whatever it is mixed. The salsa was used as a dip, spooned on the nachos and added to the fish tacos.
The main course was the fish tacos; the fish, snapper, was purchased at the Fremantle Markets that afternoon. We used two white corn tortillas to hold the fish, salsa, lettuce and avocado. The tacos were as good as the ones we had eaten in Ensenada, Mexico years ago.
The bean salad had black beans that Diane had bought at Kakulas Sister mixed with some corn and with a little diced jalapeño. WOW!
Salsa and Cron salad

Fish Tacos

Margaritas n Nachos


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