FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, December 25th. Our Christmas Eve







Our Christmas happens for the most part on Christmas Eve and we have traditionally had the same meal virtually since arriving in Australian in ’74.  We never eat this main course except at Christmas Eve and we both enjoy it so much that it is something much anticipated here in Leeming. 

When we arrived in Perth  early ’74  it was about 10 months until Christmas and in those 10 months we realized that Aussie’s buy seafood as the main dish at Christmas.  Today here in Perth it is about 105 so having a northern hemisphere Christmas meal is out of the question.  A standard TV sequence that I see every year is of the crowds at the Sydney Fish Market: it is the biggest time of the year.

With that information and that temperature (habitually it is one hundred or higher every Christmas) we adapted and was sent a seafood recipe by a woman, Teri Tsugi, who was a friend in the States. It was appropriately a cold seafood salad of flaked crab, pieces of crayfish (lobster in the States) and if the crays are too expensive then a prehistoric looking crustacean called a Morton Bay Bugtail from Queensland.

I have never made this dish but Diane mixes the seafood with mayo, chives, sage, shallots, black olive pieces  and lemon juice.  It varies according to what is available and the original recipe is looking a little faded and brown but Diane knows it by heart.  She serves it on lettuce with orange pieces arranged on the plate.

The meal began with her legendary Gordon’s Dry Martini with chips (that generally only get served on this day).  It was followed, last evening, by a dozen Duck Bay Tasmanian oysters that are small and so good.  After this brilliant start we enjoyed the seafood salad accompanied by a bottle of Minchinbury White Seal Classic Sparkling Wine; WOW!, what a meal

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