FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, December 26th Crayfish





Last night, Christmas night, was a night of eating celebration; Diane made yet another superb meal for our enjoyment.  She put together a dinner of: her signature Maker’s Mark Manhattan with a purchased locally made Wattle Valley Basil and Cashew Dip.

This teaser was followed by an eastern state’s Pork and Sage Terrine by Poach Pear.

The main course was something special as befits this day and that was a locally caught saltwater crayfish transformed into a Crayfish Mornay.   Our local independent fish monger supplies particularly fresh fish and this cray was no exception; the ingredients for the Christmas Eve meal were fresh and all supplied by him also.

After this marvellously special Crayfish Mornay (special because the price of crayfish precludes their regular inclusion in retired folk’s menus) Diane brought out some delicious French cheese that we had purchased several days ago at the cheese stand in the Fremantle market.

The wine was also especially delightful: a Rocca di Montemassi Calasole from  Maremma Toscana in Italy.

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