FOOD DIARY: Friday, December 28th.

Last night, after our many day’s of Christmas celebration, I decided that it was overtime for me to cut down the caloric intake so the Juice Diet became my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day.

For me the Juice Diet consists of vegetable juice from mostly:  carrots, celery,  and a knob of ginger with an apple for a little juice and sweetness.  If you also have a cucumber they are very juicy and provide an added vegetable taste.  I have a container that I fill and that gives me three large glasses for the day

I find it an easy way to knock off the extra calories taken in over the Hols; the major downside is that I get cranky as the day wears on but I try hard to work around that little constraint.  There is no alcohol to soften the experience either.

Diane goes her own way and uses the opportunity to have low-cal salads and also a break from wine with dinner.  Food and wine have always, since we first met almost 42 years ago, provided the glue that has bound us through endless enjoyment, exploration,  and conversation.   We have a great and undying respect for that glue (among other things of course).

Today’s food was quite a bit different as will be seen tomorrow.

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