FOOD DIARY: Saturday, December 29th (BBQ lamb chops)

Our continuing heat wave, now 6 days or so over 100, called for our usual response and that was a BBQ.  We started with toasted Turkish bread topped with Cypriot Halloumi dusted with smoked paprika and flour and roasted for several minutes over the hot coals.

Because this was a spur of the moment BBQ we did not have a vegetable second course as we usually do so it was on to the main course which tonight was lamb chops.

We both have lost our taste for other meats, especially when cooked on the barbie and these lamb chops really confirmed that opinion because they were superb.  In the past I have always bought lamb steaks to BBQ and never chops but after last night I have changed my mind.  I always like to cut some rosemary when BBQing lamb and pressing it between the grill and that gives a little extra flavour to the meat. 

Diane served a simple corn salad after the lamb and it tasted wonderful.  She just mixed frozen corn  with tomato pieces, lemon juice and chopped chipolte chili which is one of Mexico’s super ingredients for enlivening any dish.  They are of mild hotness and also add a slight smokey  flavour making it an ideal accompaniment as a cool salad.

We shared several glasses of that Tempranillo  Spanish wine that we have; it seemed appropriate with this BBQ.

After this superb BBQ I felt bad because the barbie had an excellent set of coals and it was very hot and could easily have continued cooking anything placed over it for hours.  This where my problem comes in: I would always like to cook over charcoal but it is such an environmental waste of the product to only use it for such a small amount of cooking.  It is much less wasteful to use Di’s Weber and just turn the gas off when we are finished.  I guess the charcoal BBQ will only be a special occasion choice. 


One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Saturday, December 29th (BBQ lamb chops)

  1. ddollzden says:

    Often our charcoal cooking has less heat so this was unexpected with an overly hot cooking surface. I guess the weather really makes a difference and this was a very hot night. Still the food and company was excellent.

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