FOOD DIARY: Sunday, December 30th BBQ Sardines

The hot weather continues so last night was another BBQ.  The little gas Weber was used so I did not feel that charcoal had been wasted.  Sardines need only two or three minutes on the grill before being turned.

Because we had missed our party drink the night before Diane “Barista and Bartender Supreme” fixed us a cool delicious “Bronx” of vermouth, gin and a splash of orange   juice–superb!

We started with hallumi on grilled Turkish bread; a much repeated old favourite so nothing new there.

However, for the main, I went back to an Ainsley recipe that we had  tried years ago on several occasions;  we had just purchased some frozen sardines so it seemed appropriate to revisit his recipe.  It is a standard way of BBQing sardines where you wrap individual sardines in a grape leaf that had been purchased or parboiled for a few minutes.  There is no seasoning except a lime slice on the bottom and a lemon slice on top before the fish is wrapped. 

Diane prefers the fish roasted on the grill so that it is drier and grilled with the cavity filled with seasoning.  However, I much prefer Ainsley’s way because the grape leaf wrapping means that it is extremely moist rather than dry.  The recipe requires a reasonable amount of preparation so itis a recipe for those that are blessed with  time. The Portuguese just cook the sardines as they are caught without even cleaning them; I have never been game to try this method but it would certainly be fast food.

Di chopped some potatoes, sprinkled them lightly with olive oil and then dusted them with smoked paprika and fried them quickly before finishing them off outside.  These potatoes make a perfect compliment to the sardines.

Accompanying this Iberian feast was a beautiful bottle of Basa Rueda Blanco which was a perfect on such a hot summer evening.

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