FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, January 1st. (Soto’s New Years)

With the exception of last year we have traditionally celebrated New Years at Margot and Luis’ home with friends that off and on have been at the celebration since we have first known them going back to the mid-70s.

Margot and Luis are always very generous with their time as well as the beautiful spread that they prepare for their lucky guests; this last evening of 2012 was certainly no exception.  They prepared: tzatziki dip, anchovy on toast, mussels in herbed tomato stock, 48 hour marinated butterflied lamb leg, Rum Baba cake and Allison brought a second dessert–coffee jelly.  Actually this was a small spread by the Soto’s standard so you can see the extent of their generously.

With a few exceptions that will be explained, they built their meal around a traditional Greek celebratory meal.  The tzatziki was served with bread upon which the dip could be spread.  The toasts were spread with a light tomato sauce with the anchovy placed on top and sprinkled with capers.

This should be enough, right– wrong!  The next delight was a mussel dish where Luis cooked the shellfish in an aromatic broth and the mussels where simply eaten out of the shells.

The main course was next; Luis had marinated the boned leg of lamb for 48 hours and then slow roasted it to perfection in the BBQ.  Margot served an accompanying dish of sauteed red pepper  (capsicums) with a green salad.

Allison’s husband, Roman, is Polish so Margot made an old favourite dessert for him and that was Rum Baba (I believe that Roman said that Baba was the Polish nickname for grandmother) and the cake made particularly good and moist with the addition of the rum; I had never enjoyed it before but it was superb–memorable! 

As an extra treat, Allison brought a dessert of her own that was also delicious: Coffee Jelly.  I had not had the pleasure of eating it before and I hope that I will enjoy it once again in the future.

As with many New Year’s meals I cannot remember the wines served nor how many were served so I will not even go there.

A superb evening for seven people and certainly an excellent omen for ’13. 

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