FOOD DIARY: Januray 14th Linguini with crab

IMG_3546Last night’s meal began quietly enough when the chef presented some small pieces of toasted Turkish bread dressed with olive oil and sprinkled with Australian Native Spices: Lemon Myrtle, Mountain Pepper, and Native Allspice.
After this soft beginning, Diane made, ostensibly, very simple pasta but after it was presented it had changed into a dish of remarkable subtlety. She had taken a package of frozen crab to which she added only a little sliced garlic, red chilli and chopped parsley with a little pasta water. The simplicity of a dish can be morphed into something truly exceptional at the hands of a sensitive cook who understands food and how its various components fit together and complement each other.
After this delightful main course, the ubiquitous green salad appeared enlivened with whatever salad goodies are in the fridge.
Accompanying this delicious Italian meal was an equally delicious Tuscan wine: Calasole Vermentino from the Maremma; it was a perfect match with Di’s pasta.

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