FOOD DIARY: Friday, January 18th Shouldering a Left over Party

Friday night is our two person party night and we managed to maintain the pattern last night very respectfully I believe.

As all good party nights must we began with a lubricating cocktail: Diane a new one never tried before (and probably never be be so again) and I, using a new liquor never tried before but certainly will in the future, a Wild Turkey Rye Old fashioned.  For Christmas we were given a gift box of three Australian beers and a small box of Pringles so they disappeared as a cocktail accompaniment (the Pringles not the beer).  

After this edifying beginning  we enjoyed the BBQ staple of the Cypriot haloumi leftover from the previous BBQ and served on the remainder of the toasted Turkish bread.

The main course required little work because it was the leftover rolled and stuffed lamb shoulder from the night before.  Tonight I made some very coarsely chopped potatoes (we find Royal Blues the best for virtually all potato cooking–they do need peeling because the skin disappears in the cooking).  I oiled the pieces lightly and then dusted them in a combination of flour and some smoked paprika before lightly frying them and leaving them to be finished off in the Weber with the lamb.

This was followed by a delicious Greek salad.

I always prefer matching the nationality of the food with a corresponding wine but unfortunately we have no Greek wine at the moment so we consoled ourselves with a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo; it was a lovely accompaniment.

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