FOOD DIARY: Sunday, January 25th K & J’s BBQ








Last night was a wonderful party night with our friends Joelle and Kevin.  We went to their home in Shenton Park and with the weather cooperating we enjoyed a delicious BBQ.

We started the meal with Joelle’s excellent scallops served on a bed of chickpeas; the scallops were plump and delicious.

Diane and I did not know what awaited us on the fire BBQ and when served they were as surprising as they were delicious.  Kevin had flattened and BBQed four poussin (Spatchcock or Cornish Game Hen).  They were definitely a treat because they are not your normal bbq food but something special.

Sharing the plate with the pousin were four separate delightful dishes that Joelle had been finishing in the kitchen: mashed sweet potatoes, quinoa and special green tomatos.
Joelle made a special dessert for us that I had never had: thinly sliced bread filled with fresh berries and served with cream.   

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Sunday, January 25th K & J’s BBQ

  1. ddollzden says:

    This was a lovely evening with fine friends who are also great foodies.

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