FOOD DIARY: Monday, January 21st Simple Pasta and Salad

Delicious Dark Side Chocolate Company Denmark WA

Delicious Dark Side Chocolate Company Denmark WA

Last evenings meal was a quiet affair after the wonderful spread at Joelle’s and Kevin’s place.

I made some spaghettini with olive oil and garlic as a main and then sliced some of the green tomatoes that Joelle had given us at the end of the evening, added some sliced red tomatoes that we had and a simple salad was prepared quickly.  We drizzled the tomatoes with olive oil and then sprinkled some of the bush spices on it and a delightful little salad was ready.

This simple little feast was accompanied by a glass of Langaedoc Moulin De Gassac Guilhem which is a new arrival here in the West; it is inexpensive but punches far above its weight (in our opinion).

Our dessert was two halves of some delicious chocolates that we had purchased in Denmark on our little holiday last week in our Southwest.  This chocolatier makes the most delicious candies using Bush Spices.  These chocolates are not terribly sweet as you would expect;  rather they are slightly savoury which makes them unique, unusual and delicious.  Only one half is necessary as a little dessert after the meal. 


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