FOOD DIARY: Thursday, January 24th Saigon Cafe

As part of our date at the Northbridge theater last night we enjoyed another great meal at the Saigon Cafe and Noodle Restaurant  (you can tell they are not migrants to Australia from Vietnam).

We started with or regular beginners: Fried Wantons and a serve of Prawn Toast (the best I have ever had).

For mains Diane ordered # 93: Saigon Lemon Grass Chili King Prawn and I ordered # 96: Saigon King Prawn in Spicy Garlic &Chili Sauce. We ordered a two person serve of steamed rice to have with the sauce of both dishes that was as good as it was abundant.  The Saigon is generous with the prawns in the dish; both of us had about a dozen in each of our dishes.

As a beverage, and no decent meal can pass without it, we enjoyed a bottle of McWilliam’s Chardonnay. 

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