FOOD DIARY: Friday, January, 25th Party Night at the Johnsons’

Friday night is Party Night (2 person party) around the Leeming Johnson’s and last night was totally in keeping with that tradition set many years ago, albeit under considerably different circumstances.

As always Diane was the Chef/Barkeep and I the lucky customer.  She began the evening with a superb Maker’s Mark Sidecar with some toasted Turkish bread “fingers” and oil oil and dukkah for dipping.  The dukkah was the same mixture that she had made earlier from the native spices that we purchased some days ago in Walpole.

The main course was a simple affair but as with most simple food it was memorably delicious.  Diane made her own tomato sauce flavoured with onion, basil, majorum and a sprinkling of chili flakes, served over spaghetti; it was superb.

Accompanying this great main was a perfect bottle of the Illuminati family’s Riparosso Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

After dinner we enjoyed a nip of Strega, an old (historically speaking) yellow coloured herbal Amaro; the legend is that if two lovers sip it with interlocking arms then they are bonded for life.  It sure worked for us!


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