FOOD DIARY: Saturday, January 26th New Orleans Dreaming

Last night was quite a rare meal around here; it was a package food which virtually never sees the light of day around Leeming but I wanted to eat what I had ordered several months ago from USA Foods and I managed to convince Di that it was not too caloric.

When I fix dinner it is usually a simple affair and last night was no exception: it was a one course meal with salad.

I have found that Zaterain’s various  New Orlean’s food products (there are many of them) are good and I do not think that should I attempt any of the recipes that I have for Rice and Beans or Hoppin’ John as it is known in the southern part of the States that the outcome would be as good as Zat’s. 

Although Hoppin’ John can be made with any kind of beans, Dorinda Hafner in her cookery book United Tastes of America, specifies that Black Eye Peas (beans) are the traditional legumes used in the recipe. 

Although very traditional I am not sure where it deviates from the Zaterain New Orlean’s version because Hafner’s recipe only calls for brown sugar, butter and parsley besides the rice and beans.  I love the New Orlean’s version in a packet because it is so flavourful but of course they do not indicate the spices used in the mixture.

Rice and beans as a mixture and served as a main course is the common food of the islands of the Caribbean; it is the national dish of Cuba so there are many varieties and this New Orlean’s version is just one but as with all traditional food of that city it is particularly flavoursome.

I made a simple green salad to clear the palate afterwards and we had two glasses of a Chardy as an accompaniment.


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