FOOD DIARY: Saturday, February 2nd Freo Food and then Home for Baked Fish

Yesterday before the movie, Diane and I had another delightful brekky at the Fremantle Bakehouse.  Diane had fried egg on Turkish bread and I had my usual pancakes.

Continuing our Freo day we went to the St. John’s markets after the film and enjoyed some Salvadorian street food: Papusa’ and Tamale.  The Papusa is a Saladorian version of a Mexican tortilla except that it is much thicker and therefore can only be folded in half with the centre filled with virtually whatever you wish; these ladies make theirs with a thin meat filling and then the Papusa is fried and served cabbage and carrot salad and a spoon of hot sauce.  The Tamale, rather than being fried, is steamed;  again it is made with masa herina but this time shaped around the filling which is usually meat. 

Masa Herina is corn that has been put through quite a complex process before the corn can be ground and it ends with the unique flavour of masa herina.

That evening I made a fairly simple fish dish that I have made about seven times before: Baked Argyle Cobbler On a Bed of Mushrooms and Shallots.

Cobbler is an excellent, meaty and firm fish that lends itself to baking and when done so on a bed of sliced mushrooms sprinkled with tyme, finely chopped shallots,  and absorbing the flavour of the stock broth in which it is baking then you can expect a wonderful meal.

This recipe comes from a great cookbook written Francoise Bernard in 2008 entitled simply, La Cuisine or Everyday French Home Cooking.   It is a brilliant collection of recipes and I anticipate further exploration of its contents.

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Saturday, February 2nd Freo Food and then Home for Baked Fish

  1. ddollzden says:

    I think mushroom with fish sounds strange never had it before. We have
    an El Salvadorian Restaurant not too far from mark’s. he loved it but
    I thought it was kind of tasteless and not my favorite at all. he
    would like to go back. Yours sounds much better.
    Bon Appetit.

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