FOOD DIARY: Sunday, February 3rd Lamb on the Barbie

I think it was about 100 here in Leeming yesterday so it became a no-brainer to wait until about 7:30 in the cooler evening to enjoy a BBQ in the back,  The weather, after it moderated, was beautiful with not a breath of air moving.

We started with Diane’s excellent dukkah that she made using Native Spices and chopped Macadamias with fingers of mildly toasted Turkish bread.

Diane’s second course was the always satisfying Cypriot Haluomi dusted with flour and smoked paprica and then quickly fried before being served on oiled and toasted Turkish bread.

The main course was also the old standby of BBQed Lamb Steaks; the lamb is good and inexpensive at this time of year so it is the perfect meat for a BBQ.  The lamb was accompanied on the plate by some BBQed eggplant which was perfection.

This has been a Greek influenced BBQ so it was appropriate to enjoy a Greek beverage; the Greek wine of choice was a Tsantali Imiglykos from Greek Macedonia.  It was a strong red wine and it is said to be very popular in Greece; however, it is a little on the sweet side so it was out of Diane’s range of tastes.

After returning indoors Diane served a small dish of her homemade ice cream to which she had added a spoonful of native Spice and it went down a treat. 

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