FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, February 5th Super Bowl Food

Yesterday was quite a day food-wise; we began about 6:30 AM before the start of live coverage of the Super Bowl here in Western Australia.  We did not want to rise earlier for brekky so the night before I made some blueberry muffins to enjoy before and while the game was happening.

After the game ended Diane made us a tuna-melt for lunch which tasted great.

Before the actual cooking began we had some corn chips with a delicious and very quick salsa that Diane made in a matter of minutes: cilentro, garlic, tomato, tomatillos and chopped jalopeno chilies.

Our BBQ last night was Mexican inspired: I started with simple Quesadillas which were tortillas opened flat and spread with shredded cheese and then sprinkled with chopped jalopeno peppers to give it a bit of a zing.  They had a second tortilla placed on top and then fried on each side untill the cheese is melted inside after being brushed with a little oil.

For dinner last night we opted for a BBQ and I made a dish that I have not made in decades but we have the recipe in our recipe folder.  I cut the recipe out of the Los Angeles Times from January 12, 1984 on a visit to see my mother in that city.  It was called Pollo Sinaloenae or Sinaloa-Style Grilled Chicken.  It is a simple dish composed of the usual suspects: garlic, chili powder, oregano, bay leaf with the unusual addition of, for Mexican food, white vinegar all of which is combined into which the chicken marinades for three hours.  Maria’s future son-in-law says that he grills the chicken over coals (gas) and turns the chicken often to mimic grilling on a spit.

To accompany the chicken we just had warmed tortillas slightly then buttered;  two Dos Equis’ contributed to the ease of digestion.

The indigenous Mexicans did not have wine so vinegar was obviously a colonial Spanish import but the dish is a beaut from Maria Funes restaurant in Puerto Vallarta on the coast in Baja, Mexico so authenticity becomes a secondary consideration.

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