FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, February 6th 5.2 Spa Meal Day

Yesterday was the first day of our third week of the 2-5 Diet with the day falling as usual: morning yogurt, a wrap for lunch and Diane’s wonderfully filling and delicious low-cal dinner.  As a change she made a very quick, dry, Mexican salsa and wrapped it in a corn tortilla.  The package said that there were few calories in the wrap but the taste was sure there.

She made as  a first course a stock broth (we use a Croatian powdered stock called Vegeta–great stuff!) with sliced vegetables.

As a second course Diane sauteed (no oil though) some prawns, after they had marinaded in lime, with smoked paprika  and garlic; it was very tasty as well as being filling and low-cal.

Diane, who is the keeper of most such things (draw whatever conclusion you may from that statement), assured me yesterday that I was actually under the 6oo cal limit.

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