FOOD DIARY:Thursday, February 7th Pasta with Eggplant

Last evening was  a leftovers sort of meal because we still had some of the eggplant from a previous night.  We had bought a small bottle of pasatta during a recent foraging trip to a local food hall and tonight was the perfect night to try it.

I grilled thick slices of eggplant on the grill pan after they were brushed with olive oil.  When they were a little soft and showed the rib marks from the grill pan I put them on a cutting board and diced them before moving them to the skillet were the pasatta would be added for the sauce.

Pasatta is just the Italian name for tomato puree that with added flavourings becomes whatever pasta sauce the cook wants to create; therefore, it is an extremely useful item to have in the larder.  The unfortunate thing was that I decided to try serving it with no flavouring, as an experiment, and found out that it was far too tasteless.  Diane tried adding some flavourings but the task was beyond even her cooking skills and we had a pleasant workaday sauce that was liquid enough to coat the interior of the penne pasta I was using.  The pasta and a simple salad was all that was needed to complete this, an unexpectedly morose, dinner but we live to fight over the stove another time.

One thought on “FOOD DIARY:Thursday, February 7th Pasta with Eggplant

  1. ddollzden says:

    Moral of the story: our homemade sauce is much tastier than store bought and easy too!

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