FOOD DIARY: Saturday, February 9th Mexican BBQ

Last evening was a beautiful one; the weather cooperated by being warm without any breeze and Diane’s food was as brilliant as normal!

She fixed a Mexican BBQ for us that started with Nachos which she made with a topping of cheese that she had fixed in some way that meant that the cheese was far more liquid than  would normally and she further enriched the corn chips by adding a layer of this cheese mix about half-way through the pile of chips.

The second course should be vegetable and it was: we had roast corn with an Ainsley recipe using squeezed  lime juice and salt flavoured with chili.  This coating obviates the need for caloric butter but is equally good.

The main course was as tasty as it was unusual.  We purchased a small bottle of Mexican mole at a Latin store cum restaurant in Leedervile some days ago and tonight was the night to try it.  the unusual thing was that this sauce contained other Mexican spices, chocolate which meant that it was a mole poblano (mole meaning sauce).  The consensus is that the Aztecs who know chocolate would not have used it to make a sauce so it must have been developed after the Spanish invasion.

I do not know what to say about it; Diane grilled a chicken quarter with this mole poured over and I will definitely finish the bottle but whether I will buy another bottle is a question for the future.  If you have any interest in food then I would suggest that you try the this mole: it is worth the time.  


One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Saturday, February 9th Mexican BBQ

  1. ddollzden says:

    Perhaps it was the delighful company that inspired me to make perfect nachos! Earlier in the day we had to go to three shops before we found our favourite free range chicken. It was worth it.

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