FOOD DIARY: Sunday, February 10th Pasta and a Potato Caperberry salad

Last night’s meal was a simple one befitting the on slot of about five days of 40+ (100+) degree weather. 

Diane made an excellent fresh tomato pasta sauce that married perfectly with 160 gr. of spaghetti.  It is amazing how good tomato puree with onion, oregano, garlic and a little sprinkling of chili flakes tastes and how easy it is to prepare; the Italians had fast food centuries ago and that fast food does not have the delirious effects of contemporary industrialized agriculture. 

She served a caperberry salad with diced potatoes, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onions and rocket with a special dressing.  It comes from a Readers Digest book of salads that Di bought me in ’09 as a Christmas present to encourage me in more low-cal meals and it contains very good composed salads of many kinds.

This delicious summer meal was accompanied by one of the great wines of the world (by my totally uneducated palate): a Riparosso Illuminati, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo; the connection with the Illuminati is completely unknown to me but it certainly brings many untethered thoughts to mind.  

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