FOOD DIARY: Friday, February 15th A Valentine’s Day feast

Yesterday was a doosie (that word choice sure dates me!)  As a Valentine’s Day present to me Diane made me something for breakfast that I had only heard rumours about and that was Blueberry Pancakes and they were wonderful!

After that very filling start to the day there was no need to have any lunch so the evening meal  became the centre of the day’s celebration and what a celebration it was.  We had made an order with our local fishmonger, who by the way is very good, for one dozen Coffin Bay oysters and four local Blue Swimmer crabs.  At this time of the year the crabs are  large and these four did not disappoint!

Diane made a traditional French Shallot and Red Wine Vinegar dressing to go with the oysters.

As a little sauce we just used a purchased French Maille Tartare sauce but not nearly as good as the one that Diane has always made to go with the crab; this was just an unfortunate experiment that will not be repeated.

We have not had crabs for about two years; I believe this ocurred because their numbers have been heavily down but the monger says that supplies are good this year and demand is heavy.

As a palate refresher, Diane made us a Greek inspired salad of cucumber, Kalamata Olives and tomato pieces with a light Greek yogurt dressing.  As a beverage, we bought a bottle of French Grandin champagne which was a perfect accompaniment.

And so ended a delightful Valentine’s Day for 2013!


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