FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, February 13th Patagonian Low Cal Fish Dinner

Last night I returned to a favourite Bernard recipe for fish baked on a bed of sliced mushrooms flavoured with a sprinkling of chopped shallots and moistened with stock enriching the contents of the baking dish.

The only difference in the recipe was the type of fish and this time it was my favourite saltwater fish: Patagonian Toothfish.  This dish is a perfect low-cal meal because I believe that it is absolutely delectable but with very few calories: the contents being mushrooms, fish and a little stock.

I have made the dish with about three different kinds of fish and they have all been good.  The Toothfish may be better lightly fried but considering the ease of preparing the dish in the oven I would opt for this method of cooking.

I made a our normal green salad with water as an accompaniment.  

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