FOOD DIARY: Thursday, February 21st

Its thundering with very light showers at 8 this morning but last night it was warm and still so a BBQ was on the cards.

As often happens with BBQs I do the prep while Diane does the actual cooking and last night we just used what was in the fridge: some Cypriot haloumi, part of an eggplant and two lamb steaks plus a bit of Turkish bread leftover and frozen.  That makes a perfect BBQ!

First I marinated the lamb which I brushed with olive oil, crushed garlic and finely chopped rosemary.  Then the haloumi was dusted in flour and paprica and the eggplant was sliced into rounds.  We don’t bother with salting the rounds to draw out the bitterness because over many years we have found that the eggplant is not bitter when BBQed so there is no need.

We finished the bottle of Moulin De Gassac Guilhem which is just an inexpensive table wine from the French Languedoc.  The Australian dollar has appreciated in value these past years and we can drink European wines that were too expensive in past years.

A new  aspect of the night’s meal was a dessert (which we normally never have) called Banana’s Brennan named after a famous old restaurant in New Orleans.  The fruit is sliced into thirds, sauteed in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar (very quickly) then splashed with brandy and lit until the liquor burns off and served immediately.  The story is that New Orleans was the east coast entrance port in the US for the banana crop from central America; the dish was a natural outgrowth.  I think it was invented sometime in the 20s of last century.


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