FOOD DIARY: Monday, February 25th

After the large and delicious meal that Diane prepared for my birthday it was imperative to return to the diet of last week; therefore, I made the tried n’ true Bernand fish recipe which is an interesting combination of being low-cal but very tasty.

We had bought some of that wonderful Patagonian Toothfish some days ago.  The store snap freezes their fish and that is the only way this particular fish can be obtained because the Antarctic waters are so far away that fresh is out of the question.

I just bake the fish on a bed of mushrooms sprinkled with finely chopped shallots for 20 minutes.  The recipe calls for stock to be poured into the baking dish so the mushrooms are sauteed with the shallots.  I make a green salad, in this case, of lettuce, avocado and halved cherry tomatoes.

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